Remote - Fast - Reliable Pest Detection

PluraSense allows you to monitor pest traps remotely and automatically for a wide range of pest applications.  Proprietary monitoring technologies combined with wireless communication enable you to identify and log pest arrivals, times and rates conveniently from your web-connected computer, mobile PDA, tablet or smartphone.

What this means for you:

Improved pest management

  1.     Monitor traps remotely and conveniently

  2.     Obtain periodic real-time knowledge of trap activity

  3.     Gather data for reporting, analysis, prediction and planning

  4.     Increase the timeliness and precision of pest controls

Streamlined use of resources

  1.     Monitor more traps with fewer people

  2.     Minimize travel to and from sites

  3.     Eliminate the need for site access coordination


Plurasense pest monitoring systems

Enhance your pest management. PluraSense technology helps you develop targeted, rapid responses to pest activity by remotely providing pest information.

Applications include:

  1. Japanese Beetle

  2. Ambrosia beetle

  3. Bark beetle

  4. Orchard moth

  5. Gypsy moth

  6. Rats & other rodents


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Photo by Liz West